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6 Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Open Call

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Some actors will tell you that it’s not worth your time to go to an EPA or Open Call; that we’re not really looking; or only seriously seeing agent/manager submissions. I can tell you that when casting the Broadway production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Woman in White” many years ago that seven of our ensemble members came from the EPA. Musicals and shows requiring younger people (think “Spring Awakening”) especially use these calls to find young, unrepresented talent. For plays, understudy roles can often be cast from these calls.
First, no matter what the call is, look closely at the breakdown and character descriptions. If you’re right for a role (or multiple roles in the show) then it is worth your time to go to the call. If you are not right for any of the roles listed, please do not go. It’s a waste of your time and ours. Yes, we’re probably working on more than one project at a time but it’s not a good idea to “just get seen.” It makes it look as if you don’t understand who you are or what you can do as a performer. You’ve also taken away an audition time for someone who may be right for the show. It reflects poorly on

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The Most Important Holiday Gift for Every Actor

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Every day, I work with actors helping them find their place within the industry…defining their type, developing their brand, and honing their marketable image. Every day I see actors who are filled with so much potential… and yet, every day, I watch actors make the same terrible mistakes, setting themselves up for failure.
Every so often, I get called in as an image consultant to help with castings, making sure that they cast the perfect actor to embody the exact image needed.  Every casting, I watch actors come into the audition room one after the other, all trying to be what they think they’re supposed to be—and every time, that’s when the actor hears the dreaded, “That was great. Thanks for coming in.” And every casting, there is always that one actor who walks in with no apologies, no visible insecurities, who is confident but not cocky, dressed appropriately, owning everything about themselves, and ready to work—and all of a sudden, every person in that audition room lets out a group exhale. Finally, an actor who is not trying to be anything but who they innately are. Whether that actor is cast in the role or not, they are always remembered. 
Every time I have had the opportunity

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How Much Should You Invest in Your Voiceover Career?

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Money: it’s the elephant in the room when discussing any new career, and voiceover is no exception. 
So how much should you invest? Where should that investment go and when should you expect to see a return on it? It may surprise you to learn that I’m going to be vague, unspecific and couch all of my “answers” in caveats. Sorry. 
The truth is that everyone’s situation is unique, and as cliched as that sounds it’s frustratingly true. 
Consider the sheer number of factors involved, and this list is far from exhaustive: 

What area of voiceover are you focused on?

Do you face significant competition?

Is it geographically dependent? If so, are you where you need to be?

Do you have time to throw yourself into learning the craft?

Can you afford acting/business/marketing classes?

Do you have any acting experience?

Can you afford to buy equipment?

Is your home conducive to recording?

Are you a hard worker?

Are you able to absorb and redirect rejection into positive action?

Are you patient?

Are your family and friends supportive?

Are you confident? Can you sell yourself?

Do you have dependants?

Are you a quick learner?

Are you

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