Combat Fighter

Combat FighterClick Image To Visit Site"I can’t believe how many hours of my life I’ve wasted on combat training. They could have showed me this stuff on my first day of basic and it’s all I would ever have needed. It’s so simple a monkey could learn it."

I promise you right now that I can show you how to keep your family and your friends safe from would-be attackers.

In fact: developing the techniques I want to share with you the way I show you will feel like you’re actually downloading them directly into your nerves and muscles in an incredibly short time!

Now you’re probably thinking… "So if these techniques are so easy and so great, how come I’ve never heard about them?"

These methods are deadly and they are designed to serve you when your safety and even your life are in danger…

Those things have rules. And you actually DO need to spend years and years mastering the subtle art that will bring you victory there.

Look. There are just no rules for shit like that. You MUST do what you need to do to win and get away. Because believe me, the bad guy doesn’t think twice about “fighting dirty”…

You can accept the shame of being helpless and pretend it doesn’t bother you to cower from a fight and leave your friends and loved ones helpless… you could bow down to bullies and hope they leave you in peace… you could live with the fear of knowing you are useless in a fight… And you can accept the shame that your loved ones have no protection from violent attackers…

You could get mad and bitter… rage about how the world is full of dicks and a bullies. You could whine about how unfair life is and how you never did anything to these bullies so why are they picking on you!…

The choice to discover the TRUTH about what it takes to dominate a fight… and how to never be scared when faced with a bully or a violent attacker again…

The choice to stand as a guardian between the people you love and those who would do them harm…

The choice to wake up every morning knowing you can face whatever dangers lurk out there on the streets and that you can protect the people you love.

You see: After years of chasing down every “secret” fight technique I could get my hands on, I decided it was time to REALLY test my skills.

As crazy as it sounds… I forced myself to get into over 600 fights, keeping folks safe in the seediest and most dangerous bar in my hometown, which I’ll tell you about in a minute…

And then working alongside some of the most elite military units in the world I volunteered for EVERY job that I thought would put me in harms way…

And I discovered a sad, sad truth. I had taken the long road to learning how to fight. And most of the stuff that worked in the dojo was a total flop — or downright dangerous — against real violence.

I spent years learning shit that didn’t work. And in the end discovered that there are really only a handful of simple — almost instinctive — fight techniques you need to know to defeat any opponent…

I don’t want you to fail to learn the skills that will keep you and those around you safe when shit hits the fan… all because you thought it would take you years to learn to defend yourself.

I want you to have the simple system I discovered through years of trial and error in the trenches after literally hundreds of fights. I tried everything so that you don’t have to. And you you have access to the truly simple techniques you can master in just hours…

Remember: Although this System took years to perfect, it literally only takes me hours to show it to any man with the will to learn.

I promise I can make you a very, very capable fighter using these step-by-step techniques over a single weekend if you apply yourself…

The Center Line Strike… Read more…

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