Tim Milne – Performer

Yes I have been a performer and have even been in the public eye several times – often unnoticed by the general public and never mentioned in the credits, and that is OK as I like being in the background.  I am on the Internet Movie Database though for participating in the Olympic and Paralympic Opening Ceremonies – check out Tim Milne on IMDB for more information, or read further below.

I started performing as most do, in the school play, in February 1973 – I was six months away from being twelve.  Rokeby is still an all boys school and it was thought of as odd for us to do Cinderella – maybe Rokeby was a progressive school even then.

Rokeby School Play

Rokeby School Plays 1973 - Cast List

Since then I have been around and unseen.  Newspaper stories about things I have participated in – Red Nose Day, charity work and the like as well as news items set in pubs, and unpaid extra work because I have been around (and told not to look at the camera – I’m such an amateur sometimes).

Red Nose Day July 1992

In December 1980, I ‘auditioned’ for 21 Artist Rifles.  Unfortunately I was in a reserved occupation and could not take up their kind offer to join thus breaking a long family tradition.spanning back from my father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfather.  My great-great-grandfather after he left military service was a famous golf starter and character at the Old Course in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland.  I would like to think that my love of performing came from him.

A long tradition for military service is one of the reasons why I offer services to actors, artistes and servicemen.

In 2012 we had the Olympics and Paralympics here in London and I was lucky again to be able to perform.  This time in front of Her Majesty The Queen – twice!  For the most part going unseen and unnoticed – just as I like it.

Altogether we played to audiences of over 260,000:

  • About         200 – Olympic Rehearsal 1
  • About    60,000 – Olympic Rehearsal 2
  • About    60,000 – Olympic Rehearsal 3
  • About    80,000 – Olympic Opening Ceremony
  • About    60,000 – Paralympic Opening Ceremony

Only a few were asked to perform in both the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Opening Ceremonies – I am so lucky to have been one of them.

London Olympics 2012

London Paralympics 2012

You might know the two actors I am sharing stage with above.

As you can see I do perform and love the experience.

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