Yearly Archive: 2014

Gone But Not Forgotten

Read more at: – Here is some useful information 🙂 – I watched “Good Will Hunting” last night. I hadn’t seen it since it first came out in 1997. To think that the very young Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote this as their first movie is amazing. I realize I still can’t believe Robin Williams isn’t with us anymore. I’m finding it very hard to accept. 
We’ve lost so many actors that I’ve had the pleasure to have known and worked with through the years and they bring back so many wonderful memories.
Here are but a few.
Robin Williams was one of the first actors to take the leap of faith on a little animated movie I cast, “Ferngully-The Last Rainforest,” long before celebrity voice-overs were popular. When I cast him in the film “Insomnia” I had to convince the powers that be that he could play against type as a serial killer.
When I worked on “Poltergeist,” young Heather O’Rourke immediately stood out with her sweetness and curiosity about the world around her. I had been bringing in the talented Dominique Dunne for several years and finally found the perfect role for her. Both are gone too soon. We lucked out when we found Zelda Rubenstein to play the eccentric psychic Tangina.
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33 Tips From Established Actors in 2014

Read more at: – Here is some useful information 🙂 – Backstage readers got to know a wide variety of some of the hardest-working actors in theater, TV, and film this year. Whether they were reflecting on how a recent project stretched their acting muslces or relaying the advice they wish they’d been given when starting out, the following outstanding performers drew from their distinct perspectives to illuminate some of the joys and pitfalls of today’s acting industry.
As 2014 comes to a close, let these tidbits continue to guide your career both professionally and creatively. Happy New Year!
1. Find the joy, from Jonathan Groff.As “Looking” premiered in January, Groff chatted with the magazine that helped him get his start (“I believe in Backstage. It changed my life.”). Between the HBO show and his role in Disney’s hit “Frozen,” the actor has found plenty of opportunities to perform on a foundation of pure joy. “People create from different places,” he said of his process. “Some love to create from a tortured place, some from a joyful place. And when I feel like I’m a 5-year-old kid in my backyard playing pretend, that’s when I’m happiest.”
2. Study, study, study, from – Thank you for reading

MOFA Actor’s Panel Discussion – Should Directors Also Act

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Mid Ohio Filmmaker’s Association held a panel discussion with three Ohio based actors Jon Osbeck, Kristina Kopf and Bryan Michael Block. In this video they talk about the idea that directors…

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1 Way to Work Through Audition Fears

Read more at: – Here is some useful information 🙂 – A few weeks ago a location scout for a network sitcom approached me. They were going to be filming one scene at the house across the street from mine. They were offering me $1000 to put some polar bears on my lawn. After playing hardball and getting them to $1100, the deal was made. On the day of filming I realized that four other of my neighbors also had also agreed to have Christmas decorations up. So that had to be upwards of $5,000, and then the actual house they were filming at must be getting well over that much. Close to 100 people and dozens of trucks showed up the next day. All this for one scene. Over a million dollars for a 30-minute show. Being on the outside and watching this production gave me a different perspective of what’s at stake when we walk into an audition.
In class last night one actor mentioned that she feels like she gets smaller when she walks into an audition room. That nerves or any number of insecurities can pop up and get in the way. I brought up the business side of things. If I’m a producer I want to see that I can rest a million-dollar show on your shoulders—whether it’s a one-line scene or a lead. So if we let the nerves take over, then we are significantly diminishing – Thank you for reading

Director Morten Tyldum Narrates a Scene from ‘The Imitation Game’ Featuring Benedict Cumberbatch

Read more at: – Here is some useful information 🙂 – The Imitation Game has already been released in the UK to great acclaim, and American audiences will finally get a chance to see it when it gets released on Christmas. In this clip from The New York Times, director Morten Tyldum provides some historical context on the World War II spy drama. Tyldum…

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